J.M. Harrison is the pen name for Michael T. (Mickey) Fisher, a lifelong native of Yukon, Oklahoma. Over the course of 51 years, he has been a graduate from Central State University (He utterly refuses to call it by its current name of the University of Central Oklahoma!),  a triple medical pioneer--which will eventually make it into a novel, worked at the family business, spent over a quarter century in retail in various positions, and run a church library for close to thirty years.  Along the way, he's been told he should be a stand-up comedian (Which would be disastrous, according to friends and family!) and a writer.  As the latter's always been his ambition, he eventually took that advice.

Over the course of time, he has so far written one novel and a book of thoughts, along with several on movies. Currently, he has some novels in the planning stages.

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                    J.M. HARRISON